Just Jammin’

Wanna Sound Great?
Hey, you wanna come out and play? Imagine sitting on stage or in the studio with one of the finest rhythm sections doing just that.

Song List: (click on title for sample)

Faded Love Crazy Heart To Heart Talk
Storms Never Last Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Steelin’ The Blues
Okie From Muskogie Undecided Now Sugar Cane Time
Hank Williams Medley Blue Spanish Eyes Panhandle Rag
Just A Closer Walk With Thee

CD Rhythm Tracks I have the rhythm tracks for you! I have arranged and recorded16 of the finest tunes you could ever want to play and put them on 2 CD’s for you to play along with. Each CD is around 60 minutes of playing time.

In Your Face Tracks
These tracks are long, usually seven to nine minutes each. You have never heard rhythm tracks like this before. They are done with live players, not computers, or synthesizers. They have all the right bass lines, all the right chords, and the greatest feel you could ever find. They have all the stuff that a steel guitar player wants to hear in a rhythm section. One guitar player who has already played along with these tracks said “Those tracks come right at you, they get right in your face. You can’t just listen, you gotta play something”.

Just Jammin
Jam sessions are about everybody getting to play a tune until they milk it for everything there is to play. These tracks will allow you to do just that. You will find that each song runs anywhere from six to ten verses and choruses. You can start with the melody, have plenty of time to improvise and work up other versions on the theme.

The Chords Change
The best part is that each verse and chorus changes, just like they would in a live jam session. Each track is recorded with the normal chord changes on the first one or two verses. The following verses start to change chords, using other chord progressions that fit the same melodies. Some songs start with a regular 2/4 feel and then change to the walking bass 4/4 feel.

It is a jam session. You can play the same melody you played on the beginning but it will sound different as the band changes the feel and the chord progressions. It is exciting and inspiring to play along with Cookin’ tracks like that!

A Great Tool
One of the tools that the pros use when working up any instrumental is a full band rhythm track. It lets you work on the melody without having to imagine what the bass notes are, or the beat, and you don’t have to try to play the chords to the song as part of the melody. It also helps you get up to speed. It develops good timing.

Without a rhythm section it is all too easy to play the wrong things and not even know it. When you finally do get to play a song with a band you find that some of the things you thought would work just don’t for some reason.

Like Being On Stage
I have been making my own rhythm tracks for years, for me and my students to work with. They give me the feeling of being right there in a band. I can play simple things, sometimes extremely simple things, and they sound just great. Well, that is the way it is supposed to work.

Music is about more than just a melody. It consists of bass, chords, the right beat, and then the melody. You cannot sit in a room by yourself and really practice anything practical. With a great music track to work with it is easier to work on just the steel guitar parts, and it is 100 times the fun. Practicing with a full band is the real world of music.

CD’s Are In Tune

CD’s always play on pitch. Audio tapes can be recorded on pitch, but if your tape player runs slightly fast or slow the music will be out of tune with you. That is why we are not even offering these tracks on audio cassette.

Instant Recall

You can go to any track on a CD instantly and even program it to repeat the track over and over automatically. Cassette tape tracks are not even close to the quality of a CD either. CD’s sound like you are sitting right there in the studio, no loss, no hiss, and every instrument sounds like you are there in the room with the players. Any Boom Box Will Do
If you have a boom box that plays a CD these tracks will sound great. In fact, we mixed everything with that in mind. You can hear everything on even a small boom box. Of course, if you have a good stereo system the tracks will knock you through the back wall. You will have a live band pushing you to play everything you know…and some you don’t.

Your Own Band
Ninety percent of all the players who own a pedal steel guitar don’t get out and play with a band. They sit in a music room and practice. If you are one of those players, then you know that a steel guitar by itself doesn’t sound all that great. How many times has someone asked you to play something for them and you had a hard time trying to come up with something that you felt represented the instrument well? Been there, done that? These rhythm tracks will make it easy, you can sound wonderful.

A Great Jam Session
How many times have you had other players over just to sit around and play? If you have a good bass player and drummer, that is a lot of fun. If you don’t, it is a disaster. With these tracks, five or six of you can play for hours, until the cows come home. Everybody has a good time and everybody gets to play some great stuff. It is a jam session of the finest order. These tracks won’t get tired of the same song on you either.

Steel Guitar And Tab
So, maybe you don’t know these songs yet. That’s OK, I’ll show you how to play them. Every song was chosen because players all over the country like them. I have recorded the first verse and chorus, the true melody, on steel and put it all down in tabulature for you.

E9th Tuning, 4 pedals

All it takes to play these songs is your A&B pedals, your D lever (E’s to Eb), and your F lever (E’s to F). You can play all of these songs on the E9th tuning, but four or five of them sound just like you are playing them on the C6th tuning. They are swing tunes, or they turn into swing tunes, and you can do it all on the E9th with four pedals.

One Package
How can you miss? I’ll give you the best rhythm tracks in the world to practice with, I’ll show you how to play the songs the right way and put it all down on paper for you. Once you have learned to play the melody to each song you can then play anything you like, improvise any way you want to the rest of the track.

Nashville Rhythm Section

Each track has bass, drums, rhythm guitars, electric guitars, and piano as the rhythm section. It is the standard Nashville Sound rhythm section. They are cookin’. There are no leads to get in the way. There are no vocals, you could sing along with these if you like. Every track is clean with a drum tick on the beginning to get you in. You could record yourself along with these tracks and I recommend it. That will clean up your act.

This Is Different
There has never been anything like this before. The first verse and chorus of each song are done on steel along with the tracks on the end of each CD, after the tracks. I have not contaminated any practice track with steel guitar. You will hear 19 minutes of steel guitar playing on the end.

Hey, it ain’t a bad steel guitar album in itself. If you don’t know how to play what you hear there, go to the tab book and learn it. You can’t miss.

BIG Tablature
This tablature is big, easy to read. Reading tab is not easy for a lot of folks. Most of the time it is written too small, too complicated, and not printed very well. This tab is big, two lines to a page. I have kept it simple. You won’t find any music notes here, just lines, numbers, pedals, and sections of phrasing. If you have never learned to read tab, I have given you instructions on how to get it. The tab book gives you the introduction, and one verse and chorus of each song.

A Steel Guitar Bible
The book alone is 106 pages. It should be listed as its own zip code. It is spiral bound so it lays out flat no matter what page you are working on. It is a steel guitar bible of great songs.

Timeless Tracks
This is the best steel guitar project I have ever done. It is a new approach. I am proud of it. I am excited! If you are band player you will have a ball. If you are just getting started into steel…you will have a ball!

You can sit for hours, days, and years with these tracks. They will never get stale or boring to you. No matter what level of player you are, you can have a great time. It is practice time that gets you somewhere. It feels good.

A Lesson
These are good tunes. I can’t think of any player who wouldn’t profit by knowing how to play the real melody to them the right way. Every song is a lesson in itself.

Any Instrument
Any kind of instrument can play along with these tracks. We have done our homework. We already have guitar players, fiddle players, and piano players having fun with these tracks. They are: JUST JAMMIN.

Not Addicted Yet?
If you don’t practice with rhythm tracks yet, you don’t know what you are missing. Learn to play one song along with this band and you will be addicted. You will never play anything all by yourself again. You don’t have too, we have done all work for you.

You Can Sound Great!
Put yourself in the same environment as the pros and you will find that you sound pretty good too. That’s a promise! You can do it with us…Just Jammin’.

Here are a few quotes from players that are already using these CD tracks.
“In one hour, using just one track, I found four new licks I had never played or thought of before. It’s the way to go. I couldn’t get past two songs. I had so many ideas to work on that I had to stop the tracks and go after them.”
Randy Beavers

“Just a word to let you know that I just listened to your new CD’s. I think your “Just Jammin” will be very helpful to students and professionals alike in developing their solo and backup skills.”
Jay Dee Maness

2 CDs – $42.95 + $6.00 shipping
2 CDs + 106 page tabulature book – $80.00 + $6.00 shipping
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