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If you want to have a top-notch, luxury lifestyle magazine, that will be your loyal companion in building your popularity, Jeffran is the place you go to. Having the right lifestyle is not an easy job. It requires following the latest trends, being at the right places and with the right people. So, luxury indeed is a lifestyle. And, if you want to be the best at it, you need to follow the best luxury lifestyle magazine.

Jeffran magazine will inform you about what is cool, what are the new hi-tech gadgets, what are the latest clothes brands and which are the best luxury cars or places to travel for the best vacation. And of course, we can’t forget the James Bond favorite game – poker. Almost all celebrities are playing it today, and it’s the mark and the hobby of many successful people. That is why you should try to increase your poker skills by reading this article, because you don’t know when you will need them. Just stay tuned and you’ll be on the top of the world with our latest news and trends.

Exclusive Fashion and Accessories

Our luxury lifestyle magazine has all the info on the fashion trends, groundbreaking brands and styles to follow in 2019. We have tips for both casual living, athleisure and business professional dress code that you should follow. All the fashionable jewelry names, premium footwear and everything there should be in your closet can be easily found on our luxury lifestyle magazine. After all, the clothes we wear and how we wear them mostly define what kind of a person we are. So, make sure to not miss it.

Also, you’ll be able to find all the classiest accessories that are trendy from the most renowned fashion names. Indeed, accessories have a great influence on your overall look and you should trust a professional magazine for luxury lifestyle to guide you through it. This is the only way you’ll achieve what many people are striving for. You’ll be in the known at all times, and you’ll see first-hand how fashion trends are being shaped. Don’t buy whatever everyone else has, stand out from the crowd and get exclusive fashion brands, clothes and accessories. When we talk about trendy things, we can’t forget the Pai Gow game, which is a new version of poker that can be played in many online casinos now. It’s fun, exciting, and because it’s relatively new many people are not very good at the game, so you can win a lot of money. But trendy doesn’t always mean better.

For instance, avoid cheap looking, faux gold accessories or something that is too shiny. Although shiny objects make us think that something is expensive, in most cases they end up looking cheap and will destroy your whole look. Also, make sure to properly choose your clothes. Even if you don’t have a lot of clothes in the wardrobe, choose of what you have – smartly. Lastly, shop smart. You don’t need to buy items just because they are on sale. These are of low-quality fabrics and will tear easily. Instead, see your wardrobe as an investment. For these and much handier exclusive fashion tips, stay tuned with our luxury lifestyle magazine!

Luxury Travel Guide

When it comes to travel, there are a lot of cheap places to visit. However, if you want to travel like a god, you have to be resourceful and get the proper information you need. Our luxury lifestyle magazine will provide you with guide on everything you need to know regarding luxury travel. We have suggestions on the best exclusive destinations to travel to which are only for certain people. However, being somewhere is not just about being there. You need to have a proper accommodation – a nice hotel or a resort that will satisfy all your needs. All around the world, there are places that you must visit. From the Milan in Italy, to Ibiza and Paris or New York, Manhattan – there is a lot to be seen and visited. You can wine and dine here like a true god.

While you travel to each location, you need to have the time of your life. Indeed, this includes good entertainment asides from eating and drinking. Luckily, the best hotels and resorts for luxury travel have their own exclusive clubs and casinos. The best casino for you will be just a couple of feet away, and you’ll spend time with people of your class. These exclusive casinos are the best casino choice for all those who want to have an adrenaline rush and play games like slots, blackjack and roulette games. Each of these exclusive best casinos offer a great variety of games for any high roller’s taste. You’ll be able to play poker games, blackjack games, roulette games and even slots games while feeling like a true king or queen. And when you want to entertain yourself while traveling, flying or from the comfort of your room, online casinos are the way to go. You can play any casino game online and even get bonuses to try them for free, which can be found at VirtualCasinoNoDeposit.

The Most Influential Cities in the World

If you value trend-setting travel, then you should definitely consider some of the most influential cities in the world. Luckily, they are spread all around the world and you’ll be able to spend quality time for travel while visiting new places and countries. Our luxury lifestyle magazine suggests visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York in USA, but make sure to leave USA at some point and go through Europe in Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, London and of course, Paris. However, the world can offer more too – you have Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong as your travel destinations.

Our lifestyle magazine constantly follows the trends that should be followed. Whether it is travel, fashion, trends and even sports, here is where you’ll find the latest info on all matters.