Video Courses

All courses are now available on CD and DVD!!

  • Pedal Steel Guitar Techniques – $75.00
    This course gives all the fundamentals for getting started on the E9th 10 string tuning, using three floor pedals and three knee levers.
  • Pedal Steel Guitar Illustrated – $50.00
    This is a two hour purchase or rental video of facts about pedal steel guitar that everybody learns after 20 years of playing but nobody ever explains until now! If you rent it you get $25.00 back when you return it within 30 days.
  • The Right Hand Alpha – $29.95
    This is a must for every player from beginner to advanced. It’s all about getting the right hand technique.
  • Just Play The Melody – $55.00
    This course starts at the beginner to intermediate levels. It shows all the most used melody patterns on the E9th tuning using three pedals and three knee levers.
  • The Chord Connection – $55.00
    This video course deals with major chord and dominant  seventh chords, the roots of country music chord progressions.
  • Give Me An Intro – $55.00
    This course is about learning to play and invent all kinds of introductions and turnarounds along with a band or singer.
  • The E9th Chord Dictionary – $59.00
    As any dictionary might be, this is just a video instead of a book about where all the chords are on the 10 string E9th tuning using the basic  three pedals and three or four knee levers.
  • The Minor Chord Connection – $59.00 ea.
    Two parts. Each part is two hours long. Part one gives all the possibilities for the minor chords on the 10 string E9th tuning using three pedals and three knee levers. Part two is a speed picking course, chord progression course and an  improvisation class all rolled into one video.
  • Bandstand Backup – $75.00 ea. or $140.00 for both
    Two parts. Part one is a two hour introduction to the  Nashville professional approach to playing along with a singer. Part two shows you how to deal with the odd places in songs for fills and when not to play.
  • No Speed Limit – $55.00
    Part one and two are one course and is an introduction to  speed picking single note scales. The speed increases with successive exercises. Part three shows how to improvise on an uptempo tune like Cotton-Eyed Joe.
  • The 12 String E9th/B6th Universal Tuning – $29.95
    If you have been considering going to a single 12  universal tuning this course is a must. Shows what each pedal does,what chord it makes and how you will probably see them used.
  • The C6th Workshop – $55.00
    Fundamental tuning of pedals thru fairly advanced chord  progressions. Blues and swing styles.
  • C6th & Swinging – $75.00 ea. or $140.00 for both
    Two parts. Part one takes up where The C6th workshop left  off. Shows pockets and patterns. Part two is a followup to part one disecting songs like  San Antonio Rose and Sweet Georgia Brown. Order both parts for $140.00
  • Steel Guitar Jubilee – $25.00
    This is the Jouquin Murphy instrumental that is great for  a break tune or just a good instrumental. The tempo is up, the licks are hot and Jeff shows you how to do it note for note on the E9th tuning.